Friday, August 21, 2015

Green Infinity Jasper Power Energy Necklace - Statement Piece Ethnic Chunky Long 26 inches Necklace

Here's my newest Statement Power Energy Necklace....Green Jasper Infinity Necklace.

What is the meaning of the Jasper stone--the Large Green Infinity Pendant?
Meaning of Jasper:
Power Stone and a Protection Stone = Courage to speak out and have personal independence.
Warriors Stone = loyalty, inner strength, and standing up for what you believe in.
A very "grounding" stone with excellent protective energies.
A nurturing stones often used in ancient talismans and
amulets for healers to use on themselves and others.
Steady, peaceful, relaxing energy. It's a stone that works slowly, providing constant, deliberate energy, especially in times of needed changes without the chaos a total upheaval would cause.
A good stone for encouraging shy or timid people who need change.

As a Reiki Energy Practitioner, I have also imbued this necklace with wonderful energy.

Gorgeous? YES...OMG! I really love the look and feel of this necklace.
You're going to LoVe wearing, play, out on the town at night.  People are going to be drawn to the positive energy you emit as well as this necklace. 

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