Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Discomfort = Sign of Growth

When doing something new, discomfort is a sign of personal growth.

What? Yes, you read it right...
when you're starting something NEW,
Then get used to feeling discomfort...
the uneasy, not knowing what will happen, a bit off kilter, slight weazy in stomach, tentative baby step forward feeling, like walking in the dark with only the moonlight to shine your path kinda feeling...

Yes, moving forward positively can feel strange, scary, uncertain.
New things tend to feel like this with 99.9% of the humans.

And, it's All Good!
It means you're moving your safety boundaries or bubble forward...even if just a bit.
Growth...personal, spiritual, growing pains in kids...does cause discomfort.
Want to start Growing UP...Growing Forward?

When you feel this Queezy feeling, tell yourself
All is Good
I'm growing
It's New
A part of me feels scared...that's A-OK
Once I walk past this line and come out still "alive"
I won't feel this way anymore
I'll have moved up my "mark" safety zone
This feeling is Normal

If you did Not feel like this
then hellllooooo....take this as a sign
that you are not doing anything drastically new
bc you have Not pushed your comfort level
Like driving a one car versus another car is pretty much the same
but if you started to learn how to fly an airplane
well, then your heart is probably going to start really pounding and you may break out in a cold sweat when you actually had to fly on your own for the 1st time
New things make us feel uncomfortable

Or else it means...
if you Have been working on getting used to Discomfort
where it doesn't freak you out anymore
perhaps starts with a volcano, then turns into
a bit of butterflies in your stomach
and where you have the constant belief that
you will be better than OK
and Truly Believe This
that you are mastering and embracing
the feeling of discomfort
as a Good thing.
When this day happens,
Pat yourself on the back!

Peace out my fellow "expanding my boundaries" Adventurers...Peace out!

Stacy Cheng Suzuki
Life Coach & Reiki Energy Practitioner
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