Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sarah's Quilt is Completed! Let the Doves Fly Free!

My Handwritten Tag
I handstitched it to her Quilt on Side 2, bottom, center
And "yes", this is the "wacky, I'm going blind/insane/can't wait til I tie the knot on this baby" stitching that I did by hand. I know, it looks like I did this while Not wearing my reading glasses.
I actually wanted it to Look like I handsewed it on and wanted it to be "not perfect".
Too much perfection is not my style.
I love the "Ugh, Yes, I did make this Quilt all by myself" Look.

I think this tag conveys that message...
don't you?

Sarah's Quilt in All It's Glory

Side 2

It's taken about 5 months for me to Complete her Quilt.
If I had to count the Actual "work" time spent on creating it,
I'd say about 7 work days...56 hours...or was it wayyyyy more?
I can't remember anymore.

A look at Side 1

I don't know if I like Side 1 Or Side 2 better.
Side 2 kinda grew on me.
Lo♥e the Orange.
It's Sarah's favorite color this year.

Side 1

I call this side, "Side 1" because it was the side that I was concentrating on.

It took a long time for me to create this monster quilt because the actual quilting of this with my old vintage Bernina was causing me to actually "sweat bullets" as I turned, pulled, pulled and pulled the fabric thru the little opening to the right of my machine in order to quilt the square pattern.

I'm going to beg my gal pal Jean to let me Please use her 3rd child...
her quilting sewing machine loom extravaganza...when I need to quilt my mom's quilt.
(Jean, did you hear that? Ring Ring Ring...)

Yes, I have another quilt to create.
:/ (this is me with the "yes, I'm crazy" grin)

The next one is for my mom for her Xmas, Birthday, Mother's Day,
and whatever other special occasion I can throw in.

If you want to read the Beginning and the Middle of this Quilting Journey....
just Click on them to get there.

Big Question I know you're asking? How did Sarah like her quilt Stacy?

She passed out on the floor and I had to pour a bucket of iced cold water on her to "wake" her up.

Nah, she didn't. Just wanted to see if you were still reading.

She Lo♥ed it! She was smiling ear to ear and held it up and showed it to everyone. I heard her say to herself that her aunt was not going to get this quilt from her. Ugh, Yes, no one else can get this quilt. In fact, when she no longer wants it, it comes back to meeeeeee! OMG! Creating this quilt and then giving it to Sarah felt like I was giving up my own child. I guess when you spend so much time on your creation, it's kinda hard to give it up. Oh well, I gotta get to work on my mom's quilt now.


Jean said...

LOL Stacy! Love the quilt, especially the label. And I know what you mean about sweating bullets...boy, have I been there! If you have a flatbed truck, then bring it on over so you can borrow my humongous quilting frame. Ha! Good luck on your next quilt. Take lots of pictures!!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thanks Jean! Only another quilter truly understands the sweat and tears that goes into creating a monster quilt...for me this Queen/Full Sized quilt...which the pattern called "Lap size" (for who, a Giant?) is a "Monster Quilt". And, Yes, I'll be a calling when I need to do my quilting. I think I can quilt it in 2 hours of straight no struggling quilting. We'll just send your kids to the tennis courts to play.:)


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