Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 1 of the Dottie Angel Workshop

Entering the "Work Mansion", we're all greeted Dottie Angel style

Colorful Horses are there to Greet Us
Dottie's Work  Hangings on the Walls

Comfy Decorated Couches have been definitely Dottie-fied

The Old Piano is Covered With Loads of Vintage Fabrics and Notions

The Gals Come In and Get to Know Each Other
The Captain of the Mansion...Dottie-fied

Day 1 of my Dottie Angel Adventure...

After depositing all my luggage at the B&B, Louise (my London flatmate) and I head next door to check out the "Work Mansion". From the front door, we know we are at the right place. Everything is Dottie-fied. There are jars of flowers lining the doorway to greet us. When we enter, there are vintage fabric banners hanging from the posts. The dark kinda scary mansion has been given a good once over by Tif herself. It's like walking into a magazine shoot really. Everywhere you look, the dark wood has been gentrified with the Dottie touch. 

In the center of the living room, there are couches and chairs covered in colorful vintage sheets and fabrics of Tif's taste. She's even brought her own vintage covered pillows! Wow! Above the mantel, her embroidered and sewn hangings gaily greet us. What a thrill. I know I made the right decision. No doubt about it now. 

And, when Tif herself walks into the room to greet us, it's like a real life celebrity is in our midst. Really. Tif is just what you would imagine her to be...delightfully british like polite but with a down home loving touch, very energetic but not the type that sucks your energy from fact, you feel her giving you energy, and when she talks, it's just like she's talking to you...each one of us, not leaving anyone out. If you were to bump into her at the local store, she would definitely be the type of person you could easily strike up a conversation with. That's Tif

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings as we start working on our projects...
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Jennifer Simpson said...

Hi Stacy :) I love Dottie's style, what an adventure you're having!


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