Thursday, October 21, 2010

Make Your Own Cardboard Chandeliers Like in West Elm...found in Portland OR's Pearl District

Cardboard Chandeliers at West Elm

Come Peek Inside a West Elm Bedroom
A West Elm Living Room...sigh
One Final Goodbye to the West Elm Lifestyle....
I've always looked thru their catalogs and envisioned my home being so clean, mod and chic...and then I wake up in a puddle of drool!  

So, it did seem a bit like walking thru Alice's Looking Glass when we came smack dab into West Elm in the Pearl District of Portland OR. I wasn't into the "buying" mood, more just amazed at their creative decor. Talk about "what can I do with cardboard boxes?"! no more playing hide and seek kids! Chandeliers galore hanging from the ceilings....all just plain ole cardboard. 

Now, where's my exacto knife?'s some "How Tos" on Making Your Very Own Cardboard Chandeliers...just click to get there...

If I find the time, I might try my hand at it as I've Always wanted a vintage cute petite chandelier for our bedroom. hmmm...I think I better stock up on those Hello Kitty bandaids I saw at Target.

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