Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tutorial...How to Save a Pair of Jeans by Putting on Your Own Metal Bachelor Button

My Repaired Kut Jeans

Read my Pictorial Tutorial for step-by-step instructions

Metal Jean Buttons...aka Bachelor Buttons

Made by Dritz
Probably can find it on Ebay, at your local craft or fabric store.
I got mine at our local Bernina Store.

The Orange Chalk Mark...need to place the button Right above the Zipper area
for the Perfect placement

I repaired the Hole where the old jean button fell out of
by handstitching with thick white thread

Made a hole using a sharp tool to get thru the thick jean material
then put the pin thru from the backside
This is what it'll look like

From the Front side of the jeans, place the Metal button as it should look on jeans
Place the pin inside the button
Get ready to hit with Hammer

Place the jeans with button and pin on HARD surface
I put it on my metal Anvil
You can just put it on a piece of wood on a hard surface like your driveway or something

Then,l just hammer one good time...that's it!

Here's the finished look. Yayyyy!
That was soooooo EZ and FAST
I like that.

I have a funky body shape...aka out of shape body shape. So, only certain types of jeans actually "fit" me well. One brand is "Kut" which I get from Nordstroms. In fact, last week, I bought a pair for about $60+ and started wearing it that day. My husband knows me. Whenever I buy something or make something for myself, I'll be wearing it that day or the next. Rip off the tag, put it on, who cares about washing it before I wear it (except for underwear), I just don't care.

Then, a couple days later, wearing my new Kut jeans, I happened to be touring the local Goodwill with my GF Liz and came guessed it, a pair of "Kut" jeans in my size!!!! EEEEkkkkk!

I tried it on and fit! Better than the one I bought the day before...bc I actually bought one size too big and it was "stretching" so much so that I felt like one of those repairmen when they bend down you can see the "crack". Yeah, my waistband was hanging.

Anyway, the price on this oldey but goody was $9.99. But, the only bummer was that the metal jeans button fell off in my hand. Apparently, that was the reason that the former owner must have decided to "donate" this bad boy. So, here I am, trying on this pair of jeans without a was in my hand. But it fit. So, I'm buying it! I pointed out this tragedy to the clerk guessed it...mark down 50%! New Old Kut jeans for only $4.99!!!!

What to do about that button? My husband, the MacGeyvor that he is, was stumped. I wanted to know if there was some way to "save" the old button and reuse it. No can do.

Yesterday, had to stop by the local Bernina store to p/up a replacement bulb for my vintage sewing machine (still to be named). They were out...bummer. But, I happened to spy on the wall of sewing notions from heaven a box of Jeans Metal Buttons!!!! What??? Never even thought that these existed. Clerk told me that these were called "Bachelor's Buttons" bc these were the type that a man could sewing required...just a Hammer. Right up their alley. You Pound this baby into your jeans. How cool is that?

So, needless to say, I HAD to share this tutorial with you bc I was just so excited that now I am wearing my brand new Old "Kut" Revived from the dead Jeans...P.S. I did Wash this pair Before I Wore it. And, I wore it to my SIL's B-Day party at Paesano's...yummmy food btw. :) And, my SIL Colleen is now the Lucky New Owner of my Light Coral Vintage Kimono Rosette Blouse (see Post on it Click Here).


Jean said...

Cool! It's sort of like pounding an eyelet. And jeans for only 5 bucks? Awesome!

奕生 said...

Where did you purchase this product?..................................................

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I bought it from the local sewing shop. You can probably get it from any fabric shop or on Ebay. I'll revise the post and show a picture of the packaging.


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