Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anthropology, Please Move Over...Stacy's Here

My Target T-Shirt

From Target, bought a couple Plain but Cute Tees
in Sage Green and Light Coral

Using my own Handcrafted Handsewn Vintage Kimona Rosettes,
Pinned them onto the Tee

My handy little pincushion, thread, and snippers

I handsewed on each Vintage Kimono Rosettes,
several scattered Swarovski Light Cream Crystal Pearls,
and a Vintage Silk Taffeta Golden Plume Ribbon for girly girl accent

Ta Dah!

Love the look of the Vintage Kimono Rosette on this Tee...Perfect!

The Silk Taffeta Ribbon really complements
the 2nd Vintage Kimono Rosette
to a "T"

I'm Very Very Pleased with the Finished Tee turned into Blouse.
Now, to work on the Sage Green one...

The Completed Sage Green Tee...
Vintage Kimono Rosettes take Center Stage

Another Cute Tee Turned Blouse
Perfect to wear this Summer

Sometimes you look at a piece of clothing and envision it just a heck of a lot better looking. At least, I did when I came across these cute little Tees at Target. Loved the colors, loved the style, but it just didn't have that "oompf"....know what I mean?

So, I took them home and dreamed of a better look for them. Like a Make Over for Tees. Looking at this Light Coral color, I immediately thought of my handsewn Vintage Kimono Rosettes. I Love to collect vintage fabrics especially Lovely Kimono fabric. They sure make pretty Fabric Rosettes. Normally, I turn these Rosettes in Lovely Cuff Bracelets which I then list for sale in my Lilikoi Cottage Shop. (Sorry, they're all Sold Out right now but hopefully in the future I'll create more.) But, this time, I knew they would be perfect for this tee. And, I was right.

Wearing my trusty Reading Glasses (yes, my eyes are not what they used to be), I threaded my tiny needle and started individually handsewing each component on. Everything just sort of fell into place. You know how that goes when everything goes just right.

I added in the small Silk Taffeta bow because everything can use a bit of "Girly Girly" glam, right? It just looked so perfect along with the rosettes and the tiny Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

Who needs Anthropology when you have a bit of imagination and a desire to make things Pretty Pretty, right?

P.S. Whoever the lucky Gal is that gets this tee needs to "handwash" it with loving care. Hmmmm....who should that lucky person be?

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