Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Mother's Day...this Sunday, May 9th

Personalized Decorated Jewelry Box

My Handwritten Note on behalf of my Customer
to his Mother

Some of my customer's ask me to mail their jewelry gift directly to their Loved ones. I'm happy to do this. And, I always include a handwritten note for them with their own sentiments to their Giftee. I always want to make the gift as personal as possible so that it's as if it came directly from the Giftor (is that a word?). For these special gifts, I also take extra care in decorating the box to suit the event of the gifting.

Recently, I had a customer order a lovely religious necklace for his mother. And, he wanted me to mail it directly to her for her Mother's Day gift. I was happy to do this. I also handwrote his sentiment in a lovely Paris inspired card which I included in her gift.

I just wanted to share this with you because I thought the sentiment was so lovely. I've hidden his name behind the Red Heart for his privacy. What a terrific son! His mother will be so HappY...I know.

To all you mothers, I wish you all a "Happy Happy Happy Mother's Day". You all deserve it. Because of your love, we are the persons we are today.


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