Friday, May 14, 2010

A Lazy Day In Haleiwa Town...A Must See For Locals and Visitors Alike

In Old Haleiwa Town, hanging out at the Beach

Some Senior Visitors Lounging Under the Coconut Trees

Aoki's Shaved Ice
A Must Do Stop in Haleiwa
Right Next Door to Matsumoto's Shaved Ice place
Aoki's has more Creatively Tasty Syrups than Matsumoto's and just as Super Fine Shaved Ice

The Shaved Ice Syrup Selection Menu
taped to the window.

Japanese Tourists beating the heat with a Tasty Treat

Jimmy slurping up our shared treat...Chocolate with Pink Haupia (Coconut) Syrup
OMG, this was Heavenly!!!

Jimmy and I outside Cholo's Mexican Restaurant
waiting to eat lunch
Yum Yum for our Tum Tum

If you are visiting Oahu, you have to drive or catch the Bus out to the North Shore side of the island and hang out in Haleiwa town. It's our version of Laguna Beach but way way way laid back. There's a lot of good places to eat, great shops to check out, DELICIOUS Shaved Ice to eat for both Young and the Older folks. And, you can also take a dip in the ocean. It's a quaint surf town with a lot of charm and character. You will LoVe it.

Jimmy and I go there every so often. I love to try out different flavors on my Shaved Ice. Try getting ice cream on the bottom and mochi on the top. Yummy!

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kimbuktu said...

I wanna come!!!

Someday my friend Patty and I are coming to Hawaii. She actually has a son and his family there and has been many times, but I've never been. (Maybe I'll let my husband come too, lol)


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