Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cool USPS Stamps

Another Wedding Selection...King & Queen of Hearts

The Simpsons...what has our society become where the Simpsons have made it to the stamps?

My good friend Joon just blogged about buying stamps online via the USPS website. I never thought of doing that. What a great tip!

So, I checked it out and lo and behold...there are Hawaii Statehood stamps. Ok, I don't normally go into the post office to buy stamps bc Jimmy does it. So, I didn't know these were available.

But, as Joon blogged, the post office never seems to have the stamps you want available so she just buys them online. How neat and what a time saver!

What I have noticed is that the quality of stamp designs for the First Class postage 44 cents stamps has sure gone down the tubes. I mean when the Simpsons have their own stamps, what does that mean? offense to the Simpsons fans.


Grace said...

Oooh, the Hawaii anniversary stamps are fantastic! Thank you for the great online shopping tip!

Christiano said...

I have to say that the king and queen of hearts stamp is pretty genius! It would work great as a wedding stamp. And the Hawaii surfing stamp is just a great stamp for nearly any purpose. Great selections! And I agree the selection at the post office is a beating. Much better to order online!


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