Sunday, June 15, 2008

From Our Garden To Our Table

Roma Tomatoes---Ripening in Our Garden

Here's a photo journal of the journey of our home grown garden fresh Roma Tomatoes. We bought one plant from our local Home Depot and Jimmy planted it in our vegetable & herb garden.

Proud Papa with his Romas

He took great care of his tomato plants---we also got a grape tomato plant. In no time, the little plant had grown so big. Not quite like Jack & the Bean stalk but pretty good for our patch of soil. The vine ripened tomatoes were ready for picking...and eating!

Tomatoes ready for eating

Tobey watching Papa Cut his Romas

Tobey watching intently

Maybe Too Intently...nudged by Papa, getting too close
to the knife

Tobey checking out the Romas for Herself

The Yummy Romas...juicy, red, and soooo sweet!

Frying up the Bacon

Roma Tomato Sandwich with Mayo, Lettuce, & Bacon
On St. Germain fresh baked bread

Jimmy savoring the Bounty of his Garden

Finito...for now :)


sheasy said...

SO jealous! My Romas are just turning orange.... that sandwich looks like heaven.

Love the bird assistant, too!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Oooh...that just made me SO hungry.

My tomato plant is HUGE but only has a few tiny green tomatoes right now. Can't wait for red, ripe ones!

Welcome to AllMediocre!

VerĂ£o said...

Heyy! I just made BLTs for my hubby and I this lunch! Although your tomatoes look soooo much better than my grocery bought ones! Yummm! I had some egg with ours.


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