Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Lovely Event in Makiki with WildTree Reps

The lovely Makiki home...our event site.

Normally, when I agree to do an event showing my jewelry, I go in with no expectations. I just cross my fingers and hope that there will be some people who will like and appreciate my type of jewelry. It's a very hit or miss thing. Lucky for me and my friends, this event in the beginning part of May which was held at a beautiful home in Makiki on the island of Oahu was both fun filled and successful for all of us.

I was invited to join an event hosted by representatives of WildTree. I had no idea what WildTree was all about but was told that they were going to serve a lotttttt of great food. Ok, I'm in. Who can turn down free GreAt food?

Dawn gave me a great table in a prime spot.
Thanks Dawn!

The gal in charge Dawn sent us the list of yummies they were going to prepare using the Wildtree products. Here's the menu: salad, veggie platter, pasta bar with basil pesto chicken, spaghetti sauce, or scampi blends; pumpkin bread / pumpkin cheesecake blend, pound cake / chocolate mousse supreme, garlic & herb dip, spinach artichoke & parmesan spread, rockin' red bell pepper spread as well as lemonade, chai tea, and coffee. OMG! Who can resist. Gotta try out all this food, right, right?

Dawn is one of the first, if not thee first, Oahu Rep for Wildtree. The other reps there told me that she researched Wildtree, signed up, and then recruited her fellow co-workers and friends. I can see why they agreed to enlist. Dawn has so much positive energy and is so personable and is truly a friendly person. All the best qualities for a terrific direct sales rep. I know that she and her gang will go far.

What Wildtree food items did I get? I purchased the roasted garlic grapeseed oil and the Scampi mix which tasted so fab. My GF Melissa kept asking "Is there Butter in this? Is there Butter in This?" We were eating a toasted bruchette with the grapeseed oil and scampi mix brushed on. And "yes", it really tastes like there is butter in it. So rich and delish. But "NO", there is No butter in it, only healthy for you Grapeseed oil. I've never eaten grapeseed oil so this was a first and it was terrific.

The people that attended this wonderful spread were the most delightful and friendly people---both the guests and the Wildtree Reps. Several lucky people won door prizes of gift baskets filled with Wildtree food products.

I really enjoyed myself as I had the opportunity to speak to most of the gals looking at my jewelry. Doing mostly online selling has it's drawbacks. One being no human contact and no direct feedback from those looking at your creations. But here, the gals were pointing out the pieces that they liked and they were all pointing to different pieces.

The majority of my jewelry is One-of-A-Kind. I like creating new pieces and I'm always playing with my beads to come up with a new design which is different from the others. The fact that these women were appreciating different pieces made me happy.

The custom order-fresh water pearls in flower design.

And, several people--both guests and Wildtree Reps---bought my jewelry. I even had a special order for a matching pendant to match the fresh water pearl earrings shaped as flowers that one terrific customer had bought. She fell in love with the earrings and her favorite color is GreeN! She wanted to wear a matching set so I made her one and delivered it to her the next day.

Such a beautiful house!

My other friends, Liz and Melissa, of Touch Mini Day Spa were doing both eyebrow waxing and a mini makeovers to promote their shop at this event. You can contact them at them for an appointment for the greatest eyebrow and lip waxing and facials around. Many women were lining up for their services. Everyone was having fun kicking back and relaxing.

This event was fun! It was one of my more enjoyable selling experiences and I loved the site. There was a lot of laughter and lots of smiles. What a pleasant way to spend the weekend with friends.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice event and great sounding food choices. Was that at the AAUW home? I used to have my piano recitals there. Your table looked pretty too.

VerĂ£o said...

Your table looked great!! I love these kind of events! And the food... wow. Sounds really really good. I looove pesto.


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