Saturday, May 24, 2008

I got BloG TaGgeD----and Yes, I'm IT!

Ok, I just got blog tagged by Jen of Jen's Everyday Moments.
Here's her fab Etsy
Please check her shop out b/c she has such SuPer PrEtty photos...she's an awesome artistic photographer who has a distinctive style. She has been one of my Fav shops for awhile.

Here are the rules:

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Here's 7 facts about myself that you probably didn't know about little ole moi:

1) Catholic School Girl: I went to all Catholic private schools from Kindergarten to High School. I'm not even Catholic. I always felt "left out" at church services and the likes b/c I couldn't really and fully participate. I couldn't stand in line and accept the little wafer or drink the grape juice. It was kinda weird when I was young, but when I was older it was no big deal. It hasn't psychologically scarred me in anyway. That's just life and growing up.

2) Decorating Cakes is in My Blood: Starting when I was 13 years old, I was decorating cakes and desserts. I started working in my aunt and uncle's bakery---Craig's Bakery located in the beach town of Kailua on Oahu. My aunt hired me so that I could take her place doing the decorating so she could pursue her passion of golfing. Lucky me. No, I really mean it. It gave me a creative outlet that I truly enjoyed. One thing I didn't like was going to work at 5am---AAAGGGGGHHHH!!!---b/c I'm definitely NOT a morning person. I would walk around helping get the bakery open by frosting cakes, putting pastries on the pans, etc. I was a Zombie. Really. Too bad we didn't have Starbucks back then b/c I know I would've been knocking on their doors early in the morning demanding my grande skinny latte. My favorite was decorating Wedding Cakes. LoVeD it! I could get all fancy with the hand piped swirls, drops, swags, etc. My fav was using fresh flowers on the cakes. I guess now I've transferred this excitement to doing wedding jewelry.

3) Soccer: I was a Rod Stewart crazed fan when I was a teenager. I bought all his records---what's that? Vinyl honey, vinyl. And my older brother was so terrific, he bought tixs and he and I went to Rod Stewart's concert in Honolulu. Several years ago, I dragged my GF Amy to see Rod Stewart with me...I mean she did make me go with her to Celine Dion like at least 3x...aggghhhhh! Just really, aggghhhh! Anyhoo, OMG i'm digressing today...Rod Stewart was an avid soccer player/fan back then so I started kicking around a soccer ball in our local neighborhood park. I was such a nut that I even tried out for my high school soccer team when I was a Sophomore. The crazy thing is I got on. Ok, soccer wasn't a big thing back then. I played until I graduated. We even won State Champ. I loved soccer. Thanks Rod!

4) My Husband: if you want to find your perfect mate, you need to definitely make a list of the ToP 10 (no more, no less) qualities you are looking for in a mate. Put a date on that list, look at it every so often, remember what you wrote, and compare whoever you're meeting with that list. Word of advice---don't put down height, weight, body type, etc. as some or even 1 of those qualities b/c I know someone who did...and well, that's a whole 'nother story. I recently found that list that I had wrote like Ages ago, I mean years ago, like 10 yrs ago, and my husband meets every single thing on that list. He even meets things I just had in my head like---likes to cook, crafty, likes to read. Those were bonuses. I think picturing my soul mate and putting it down in black and white made it real and helped me navigate my way towards him.

5) When I'm Alone: On those rare occasions when I'm home alone, there's no leftovers that I'm dying to eat in the fridge and my hubbie hasn't left me anything to eat, I will eat cereal with organic milk and sliced bananas for dinner. I ReALLy appreciate my hubbie and the fact that he loves to cook and does cook. Enough said.

6) My mom's a Korean Soap Opera Fanatic (freak): while this isn't about me per se, this is a fact about my mom---she's a bonafide Korean Soap Opera fan...aka nut. My mom watches only these soap operas and CNN. That's it. She doesn't know who the American stars or what the American shows are---"whose that?" she'll ask. You mean "Jessica Parker" from "Sex in the City"? "Whose that? What's that?" will be her response. American Idol, Top Chef, Medium...what's that? Ok, my mom is all American, speaks and understands ONLY English, was a school teacher before. She's just hooked on these soap operas. So are most of the retired and many of those still working people on Oahu. She's not alone. It's like a Hawaii phenomenon. This would make a good blog article.

And finally....I hope you're still with me

7) I completed 3 Tinman Triathalons on Oahu. That was several years ago. But now I'm an out of shape slug. Don't look and don't pinch me. I gotta get back into shape. But who doesn't?

I'm tagging the following people:

1) Sheasy of Sheasy Time
2) Joon of Joonbeam
3) Kim of Kimbuktu
4) Livy of A Field Journal
5) Verao of Verao Swim
6) Fanisong of About Fanisong
7) Robyn of Robyare

And to the above 7, forgive me...


Everyday Moments said...

LOL ~ now wasn't that FUN. Now everybody you tagged is going to LOVE you :) :). Very interesting random facts. OMG, I actually went to a Rod Stewart concert when I was a teenager too. I even took a picture to my hairdresser of him and asked for a hairstyle just like that only a longer version. Wow, past Rod Stewart obsessiveness (I probably butchered that word just now)...we're so sad. LOL LOL

Verão said...

Stacy... I did it!!! Check out my answers!

How are you? I LOVE YOUR FACTS! I wish I could mention 8 facts! If you went to a ROd Stewart concert... poor me I went to a Menudo concert when I was 13!!!

Verão said...

Im just rereading your 7 random facts... on being a Catholic school girl... haha... I was in private catholic school too- but it was funny, I was so sheltered and cloistered, I thought all schools were supposed to be catholic and all principals had to be strict nuns.

ThePeachTree said...

I love how much depth you put into your 7 answers! Off to check out your tagees :)

joonbeam said...

Hi Stacy!

This is fun, but just wanted to drop by and say I may be a while in carrying it on. I am still writing letters in my flying housewife mode. I loved reading your 7 things. And I am mulling over ideas for my 7.

I went to Catholic school from 1-5 and here's one of my fav stories - in my 3rd grade class we had 72 - yes, SEVENTY TWO students with one teacher. All our desks touched and we could only get up to leave (ie. bathroom visits) when the nun said so. The first row pushed their desks over to get out and each row then followed suit. Reverse to return. How wild is this? We were excused from standing when the priest came on Friday to ask us religious questions. (We'd win holy cards for correct responses.) Because we simply could not stand! We were in order by size and I was the smallest, so my desk touched the teacher's. I was the start of the paper chain for all assignments! Oh - and three of those students were Jewish as I recall. (Speaks to the state of New Jersey public schools in the 1960s I guess?)

I will button my lip on the Rod Stewart topic. :)



Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thanks Gals for all checking out my blog and this blogette. And for everyone whose been tagged, thanks for such great responses. This tag game is a lot of fun b/c besides sharing neat things about the blog author with her readers that she might never have worked into an article, it also attracts readers from the other blogs to check out yours. Like cross pollenization.
Ok, what's wrong with Rod Stewart...if you think I'm SeXy, and hmmmmm...ok, forgot the rest of the words. Sheesh! ;)
Thanks again! Stacy

kimbuktu said...

Hi Stacy,

I was just thinking about you and was going to include you in a treasury I am getting together when I found THIS! Thanks for tagging me (I think!). I will get busy tagging and answering the questions after the weekend. It's my littlest grandbabies 1st birthday this weekend, and we are doing it up Big!


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