Monday, May 26, 2008

A Lovely Bridal Custom Order

cute tiffanyesque and kraft brown decorated boxes

Another cute custom order for one lucky bridal party. I just completed and mailed out several pairs of my popular "Simply" earrings with sterling silver ball and post backings. My lovely customer Chadsey wanted this super cute earrings for her bridal party. They're soooo lucky.

6 pairs of "simply" earrings

She also ordered matching fresh water light yellow pearl necklaces for her two moms--her mom and her mom-to-be. They're going to be so surprised and happy. She's so thoughtful.

2 matching fresh water pearls "simply spring" necklaces

Each piece of jewelry was placed in their individual maroon pouches. Ready for boxing and packaging. One of my favorite things to do...decorate the boxes. ;)

so feminine...maroon pouches for her jewelry gifts

While her colors are red & gold, she left it up to me to choose the colors as she wasn't really "using" her colors. I thought that this mix of tiffanyesque blue boxes and the kraft brown boxes with red & pretty pink silk flowers on top of the ribbons would look sooooo cute.

cute cute boxes...ready for gift giving

Ta Dah! I love the wedding season. And, I love making brides HaPpY! ;)


VerĂ£o said...

Love the stuff! What a nice bride!! Making stuff for weddings are always fun!

Everyday Moments said...

Very pretty ~ you show such attention to detail with your packaging and jewelry. I love that :).


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