Monday, November 18, 2013

You are Not your Bad Decision...Got it? Now, Give yourself a Hug and a Break

You are NOT your "bad" decision...

We all have done it right? Made hindsight..."bad choice".
And then we dwell upon it.
Replay like a broken record the incident leading up to our "bad choice' over and over and over again.
Sound familiar?
You are Human.
You are Not alone.
Every single Person on this planet has made "bad choices".

What can you do to stop yourself from beating yourself up?
Give yourself a break. And, a Big Hug.
You're probably kinder to other folks than you are to yourself, right?
You've forgiven even strangers for worse stuff than you are whipping yourself for, right?
Remember....You are a vulnerable caring person give yourself a Break.

There are No bad or good decisions.
There are only choices which take you one way or the other.
It's part of your Lesson here on earth in this Lifetime.
You goofed up? Said the wrong thing? Did the wrong thing? or didn't say or didn't do the right thing?
This is your Lesson.
Do Not replay it in your head.
From this lesson, the Next time, you'll choose the other path.

And the choice you made that you felt was a "bad one", what do I do, you ask?
Learn from it. That's all. Then let it go...and Move on.
One foot in front of the other.
One day at a time.
That's what being Human is all about.
Not getting it "right", Not getting it "wrong".
Living and learning and moving forward towards the Light.

Yes, you can do it grasshopper.
Like you, I'm learning this lesson All the time.
I'm learning to get rid of that record player and put on some walking shoes because I've got a lot of miles to go.
Let's go there together.

Peace out my fellow "Just Wanna Be Happy" friends...Peace out. ( :

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