Monday, July 25, 2011


Mailing packages can cost a pretty penny.  Here's a way to recycle your old shopping bags and create shipping mailers that are one of a kind, fit your item to be shipped, and are inexpensive. 

Materials Needed: 
Old Cardboard Gift Box or comparable, Clear Packing Tape, Scissors, Ruler, Paper Shopping Bag.

I use these dimensions for my mailers... 8" x 12".  But adjust it to fit the items you're going to mail.
Tip: Use an old gift box to cut your template...thin cardboard.

This is a great way to recycle your paper shopping bags.  
Tip: Choose ones that have good sturdy paper.

Cut open the bag...down the sides and across the bottom. 

 Using your template as a guide, cut out as many mailer blanks as you can.  
Tip: Remove the handles and excess cardboard which only adds unnecessary weight to your mailer package.

Fold a Mailer in Half. 

If you're kinda anal like me, you can trim down the sides that are uneven.
Tip: easiest way is to use your paper trimmer tool.

To make it sturdy, I fold over the edges and tape it down using packaging tape.
1) I cut at an angle, the bottom corner where the 2 "open sides" meet.
2) Next, I fold over the edge a bit...up to you how much you want to fold over...and then tape down.
3) I do the same thing to the other open side. I leave the "top" part of the mailer open.
Tip: For tapes to use, use clear strong packaging tape or Duct Tape (comes in neat colors). You don't want your mailer to fall apart during mailing. Make sure the Tape Sticks to the Bag...if paper is too slick, your tape may not stick.  If this happens, use a Different type of bag OR you'll need to Tape Up your entire bag.

To ready your item for mailing, first wrap Item in bubble wrap and tape down. 
This will provide that "cushiness" needed when mailing....just like those
 more expensive bubble mailers that they sell. 
After you insert your item in the mailer, then fold down the top open area and tape securely down.
Finally, double check your mailer and Tape over Any places that look like it needs taping...
like thin areas, seams in the bag, corners, etc.etc. You want to make sure that the mailer is secure. 
Final step: Just add your shipping label and you're ready to ship! 
Tip: I like to decorate my mailers with cute colorful decorated tape. It gives it just that little extra something. 

Here's a bunch of new recyclable mailers that I made today.  I'm ready to ship!


FabricFascination said...

Stacy, you are the best packager I know. My daughter in law raved about the package she got from you. Thanks for the tutorial.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thanks Kim :) So glad she loved her gift from you that I mailed to her. Always looking for ways to recycle and mail. There's so much excess paper in this world which is shame when it goes to waste.


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