Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding Season...My Cousin's Wedding Card

Handmade Wedding Card and Matching Envelope

Butterflies are Free...   

Matching Envelope to go with Wedding Card

This year, we have several Weddings to attend.  The first of the season is my cousin Lisa's wedding.  I created this Wedding card for her and Galen.  I just love butterflies.  They always make me think of Freedom, Joy, and Love. 

I was did I get to this design?  You know, when I create my cards, they just "happen". I just let my mind go and my hands start picking up papers, stamps, stamp pads, etc.  I enjoy creating these small works of relaxes me and happens quite naturally.  If I'm having a "hard" time creating, I put it down and walk away and return to it later.  Other times, it just flows like water and I move from one step to the next.  Just adding as I see fit.  Very similar process I use to create jewelry.

Have a great Summer everyone!

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