Monday, July 19, 2010

DIY Project...Office Organization Hanging Metal File System...2nd Life, A Glorious Life

LoVe it!


I just Completed my ReDo of this Metal Filing System

Here's a Pictorial of How I Did It...It's So EZ, You can Too!

Look Familiar?
Those Heavy Ugly Looking Metal File Systems
Got this one at a Thrift Store

Hmmmm....this looks like it needs a definite Redo

Shaga, shaga, shaga...
You have to lightly Sand down the existing Paint
so that your New paint will

I used this Hand held Sandpaper Handy Dandy Thingamajiggy

Jimmy let me borrow his.

This is what it looks like...sanded, all over.

Then, I painted the Entire thing with a Primer Spray Paint.

Here's the Spray Paint I used.
Primer on the left, New Blue color on the Right.
And, Laurie...
that's the handy dandy little handheld Trigger dodad
that I attach to the Spray Can and use to spray ...
like a gun trigger or water hose trigger...
no carpal tunnel.
Get it from Home Depot or your local hardware store next to the Spray Paint cans.

Handy Tip: Lay Newspaper down on the Ground when you spray paint.
Then, you don't get grass and other "stuff" stuck to your new paint.

It's called: Live and Learn.

After the Primer Paint dried, I sprayed on the glorious Blue color.


Then I used Painter's Blue Tape and taped up the areas I wanted to KEEP Blue.
Used Old Paper to cover the really big areas in the Front.

Then, Spray Paint away with this Bright Cheery Green.

TIP#2: Spray in Well Ventilated areas, away from Precious things you do NOT want to get painted by the mists that your dog, your car, your house, your child. Got the picture?

Also Tip #3: Wear a Face Mask so you don't breathe in that paint.

Next Step, Using Modge Podge, I "glued on" this Fabric sheets that I got from my Pal.

Side story: I wanted to use "vintage" fabric but had none on hand that would go with this color and "look". I searched online but couldn't find anything either.
Then, couple days later, knock knock on my door...
my next door neighbor held out this stack of Fabric Sheets used for Scrapbooking
and asked if I could use these.
Like "Fields of Dreams", build it and they shall come...
well, "think it and it will come".
P.S. I'm really thinking super hard everyday about getting our own home.
I'll tell you how that turns out.

So, I just brushed on the Modge Podge using a big brush. Just use whatever you have to brush on the biggie. I just have a lot of brushes.

Tip #4: Wash your Brush with Water AFTER modge podging.
or else you'll have a hard dried up brush

Tah Dah!

Another 2nd Life RE-Do for Vintage Lovelies.


dottie angel said...

what a fabulous job you did!! i love the finished article and yes i have learnt now to cover whole areas of grass/moss out back in bedsheets less i get grass on my forsaken souls or end up with turquoise moss!
so excited to hear you will be joining me in seattle, i will be sending out a big group email when i get to england, just to say hello to everyone and so we can get to know each other... until then take care my dear
Tif :)

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Tif! It's so Nice to "See" you! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm going to Blog (of course!) about your art getaway in Seattle. I can't wait. I got my stool for the project. But, I want to do ALL of your projects. Gotta work extra fast during the classes. Can't wait to be there with you all! Stacy ♥♥


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