Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Back...from the Movies

I read Julie & Julia awhile ago. Ok, like maybe last year or so before they announced they were making a movie out of this book. I read it bc it was about a girl that blogged and got famous doing it. Thought that would make for interesting and inspirational reading. And it was. I enjoyed that book and was inspired by it being a new blogger myself at the time.

Today, my GF and I did our Tuesday Girls' Only Outing. We started off by eating at our now new hangout "Macaroni Grill" at Ala Moana. We sit at the bar. I always enjoy sitting at the bar and eating. It's so entertaining. Our waiter/bartender is a hoot. Always ripping into us but always refilling our drinks of "heavy" iced tea (regular for me) and strawberry lemonade for my GF. (Hey, MG has some great lunch specials which are affordable and still a lot of food for your money. Check them out but don't take our seats at the bar on Tuesdays Ok?)

Then, off to the 12:30pm showing of Julie & Julia at Ward Center's theatres. I so enjoy a good laugh. And this movie gave me and my GF as well as many members of the audience many chances to laugh out loud in the comfort of total darkness. Needless to say, I would Laugh Out Loud (ok, LOL) even if the lights were all on.

Darkness or not, we were all laughing as Meryl Streep did another OUTSTANDING performance. Boy, I love Streep. She just gets better with every movie. Is that even possible? I grew to love her again when I watched The Devil Wears Prada. She can just take a role and make you believe, really believe that she's that character. And in the beginning of the movie, I believed that I was watching Julia Childs. She was that Great.

Also, I adore Amy Adams from Enchanted, Sunshine Cleaning, and Night at the Museum II. She's like the new Meg Ryan but she has this ability to start off as the underdog and rise to the top at the end of the movie and you're rooting for her all the way.

Click here to see the Trailer...CLICK
Click here to see the now more than famous blog...CLICK

If you like a good laugh, if you need a good laugh, or you should have a good laugh, then run run run now and go see this movie.

And, if you don't laugh out loud at the movies (or anywhere for that matter), then do the following: 1) Close your eyes, 2) feel the urge to laugh or giggle bubble up inside you, 3) Open your god damned mouth and let the World Hear you laugh. To hell with the people around you. If that doesn't do it, then remember you paid at least $8 to see this movie, so you Paid the Rights to Laugh Out Loud.

Bon Appetit! :)


Anonymous said...

I thought amy adams was sort of blah, but Meryl Streep was sure a delight!

Grace said...

Thanks for the detailed recommendation! I will have to convince my husband to come watch this with me now :) He'll have you to thank!

I didn't know they opened a Macaroni Grill at Ala Moana -- yuuuum!

VerĂ£o said...

I can't wait to watch this! I am definitely not a great cook, but I do love the idea of dreams coming true!

Lynne said...

Glad you're back. Hope all is well! Even happier that you're out and about chowing and watching movies!!! Live it up, girl!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great movie! I hope to see it soon! :) I love laughing out loud at the movies! :)


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