Friday, July 10, 2015

Learning Patience thru Living My Process

Once again, I am a bear hibernating in my cave.
In my home studio, working daily on this and that.
Haven't really ventured out to do other things in the public.
I've done this before.
I'm doing it again.

I know this is a Process...My Process.

There's a lot of things that I'm learning, working on, fine tuning,
pondering, clearing out, letting in...
while I'm a bear in my cave.
I'm Not sleeping
I'm Moving
I'm Active
I'm Doing
Yes, it makes me nervous.
Very nervous.

Have that feeling like I "should" be doing something Outside.
Yet, here in my home...puttering, cleaning, clearing, thinking, dabbling, jibbing and jabbing at
As if I'm waiting for that feeling to come to me...
the feeling to leave my cave again
See the world again
Into the light again

But this is part of My process
because I'm doing stuff
just Inside again
Not outside
All Internal
Not Out

Patience Patience Patience

Things are stirring
Just not in the "time" I would like
or think I would like
or feel I would like
or do I even know what "Time" I would like?
Now or Later?

I get it that the Universe is making me more patient
and I'm getting More patient than I was before
Patient with Trust
Patient with Faith
Patient with Hope
Patient that I need to Trust this Flow
and Go where it Leads Me
and Not where I "think" it should go
but Go Where it Goes

Because I've been on this Path of Flow Before
it worked
Miracles happened

I Know
I Trust
I have Faith
that Miracles are happening

Peace out my fellow "Go with the Flow" friends...Peace Out. ( :

Stacy Cheng Suzuki
Life Coach & Reiki Energy Practitioner
My website:

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