Thursday, April 30, 2015

Snarky Comments = Compliments...Really

Whenever someone makes a "snarky" comment about You,
Take this as a HUGEEEEE Compliment...
They Want Something that You Have
that They Believe They Are "Lacking".
So take that as a Great Sign
of Your Own Abundance
That People Can See
In YOU and

Snarky = Jealousy

Does NOT mean you "are lacking"
The EXACT Opposite actually
= That You ARE Abundant

Turn Your Frown
Upside Down.
Flip It.
Be Happy

Say "THANK YOU for Your Compliment!"
Mean It.

Peace out fellow "Abundance Overflowing" folks...peace out. ( :

Stacy Cheng Suzuki
Life Coach & Reiki Energy Practitioner
My website:

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