Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Perfect Christmas Gift for Mothers and Grandmothers Alike

My Three 3 Loves Necklace: Personalized Initials and Birthstone Gemstones

My Four 4 Loves Necklace

My One 1 Love Necklace

My Two 2 Love Necklace

My Four 4 Love Necklace

My Three 3 Love Necklace in Gold & Silver
Looking for that Special and Gorgeous Gift for your Wife, Mother, Mother-in-law, Grandmother, Sister, Best Friend?  Look no further...it's here!

My Loves Necklace Collection is one of my Customers Favorite Custom Order Necklaces.  All my customers who have bought one for either a Loved One or Themselves have LoVed theirs and were Super Happy.

This is a totally Custom designed necklace. You tell me which Initials you want and which Birthstone Gemstones you desire. I give you a Lot of choices in the Birthstones.  If you want me to choose the best gems that will look perfect together in balance, shape, size, and color, just tell me what you want (such as: all smaller gems, larger gems, balanced look, etc.) after telling me the months.

Your Loved one will Definitely LoVe her special and custom made Gift from you and your family.  Stand back and just feel the Love. 

To get yours today, please visit my shop Stacy's Designs 88 and check out my Loves Collection for yourself... click Here.

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