Thursday, January 21, 2010

Organizing My Work Studio...Embarassing, I know!

The Mess!
A work in progress...anyone know a wanna be organizer who wants to practice on me?
Eeek...I'm so embarassed. ;)

For the past week, I've been slowly reorganizing my studio. Okay, it's not as fast as those damn reorganizing shows will lead you to believe. I can't go thru all my "stuff" in 1 day and reorganize it into amazing wonderfulness on the 2nd day. Talk about don't believe everything you see!

I've been going thru all my stuff and have been trying to make sense of all this madness. Why do I have 3 phone books which I've never looked in? Why do I have a dictionary, thesaurus, some old magazines in a prime spot on my bookshelf? I've haven't touched any of these things in at least 1 year or more! Does this sound familiar to you? I know I have them all here "just in case" I should need them.

It's typical for me to not know that I had something until I accidentally find it while looking for something totally different. At least I know that most likely I didn't throw something out. It's just hidden there like a gem in a pile of dung. Ughhhh!

I've reorganized my studio several times and I haven't found the right system for myself. Everytime I look at photos of other artisans' wonderfully organized and meticulously clean studios, I can't help but want to vomit out of pure unadulterated jealously.

My plan for this 100th reorganization is to 1) get rid of the stuff that I never touch (which is a lot), 2) put things in their own areas (like stamping stuff in one section, my mailing material in another, my fabric and sewing supplies in another), 3) have clean areas to do work on.

The above photo is how my studio has looked for 4 days as I go thru all my stuff and reorganize in a slow painful (like pulling hairs out of your arm using just your fingertips...ouch!) slightly insane manner. I don't even want to show you what my Family Room looks like. All my unwanted stuff is piled in there.

This process is so painful that my husband has to come by and tell me to stop and then he praises the amount of work I've done in 2 hours. Smart guy right? And "Yes", I can only work on my studio in chunks of hours or else I'll go completely insane.

I've made several trips to various stores...Target, K-Mart, Walmart...buying different clear plastic storage containers hoping to find the perfect container. No luck so far.

You know, it's a wonder I can type this post. I was finally able to clear out some space on my desk to be able to get to my computer. Yippeee!

Are you gals reorganizing? Can you feel my pain? Anyone?

I'll post my progress. I hope this doesn't last forever...

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